applying statistics to transfer pricing

Our goal is to improve the way Transfer Pricing benchmarks are performed, by applying new statistical methods that are more robust, faster and less expensive


TP qube is made of transfer pricing economists and digital entrepreneurs with extensive experience in transfer pricing consulting of multinationals and in the development of state-of-the-art statistical solutions


Next to our offer of affordable, classical benchmarking studies, our new range of solutions is built on predictive statistical models, using data from tens of thousands of independent companies and controlling for factors that are neglected in current searches such as the size, the maturity, the country of origin, etc. Our models have a worldwide coverage

Discover how TP qube can help you


Decrease your compliance costs                                                             

Ensure that your TP benchmarks really reflect your company


Externalize your benchmarking searches to a trusted independent partner

Make sure your clients get quality benchmarks at the best price


Decrease the overall audit costs by using automatized techniques

Rely on robust analyses to make public policy choices