Get the most robust Benchmarks at the best price

Combining our transfer pricing expertise with proprietary AI tools to perform the best TNMM / CPM benchmarks

Thanks to our AI-powered tools, we are more efficient than traditional benchmark providers. We replace inefficient and error-prone manual work by reliable automated processes. Our software enables us to use more reliable sources of information, to be more accurate and consistent in the selection of comparable companies, and to automatically cross check our work.

All our benchmarks are performed by experienced TP staff, ensuring the final quality of the deliverables. We  scrupulously follow guidelines and recommendations of international institutions (OECD, UN) and local tax authorities.

A four-step process

Functional analysis
Selection of comparable companies
Arm’s length range computation
Results presentation

Get your first results in 10 working days

We follow a straightforward process allowing us and our clients to waste no time.

We usually provide an interquartile range for selected comparable companies in 10 working days (from initial call to first results).

We guarantee on-time delivery in pre-agreed timeframe. 

Answering your exact needs - and the demands of tax authorities!

At the beginning of a project we discuss the most appropriate set of benchmarks to document your transfer pricing policies depending on your transfer pricing policy and materiality of the underlying transactions.

We perform benchmarks meeting the most stringent demands of tax authorities. All the information we use is downloaded at the exact time of the search. We do not reuse any information from previous work. In the end, you can be sure that your documentation is contemporaneous and really reflects your activity.

The perfect documentation

Transfer pricing report including the detailed rejection matrix, the complete description of each selected comparable company and the arm’s length range of profitability.

Screenshots for all companies reviewed (selected and rejected), making sure that you can defend your tax policies even in 4 or 5 years.

We can adjust your transfer pricing policy to reflect the impact of the covid-19

The economic and health crises we are currently experiencing create a radical break with previous market conditions. Transfer pricing policies have to evolve to reflect these new market conditions, but also to follow the new operational realities of firms.

It is necessary to perform these adjustments as soon as possible to limit the impact on custom duties and to anticipate all operational transfer pricing aspects.

For more details, check our dedicated page on the subject.


Comparable company searches (also called benchmarks) are a specific transfer pricing analysis, aiming at identifying a set of independent companies comparable to the tested party.

Transactional methods  such as the TNMM – called CPM in the US – (almost) always require to perform a comparable company search. The comparable company search will serve as an external reference point for the net margin of the testing party (usually performing routine functions).

For traditional methods, comparable company searches are sometimes required, but less frequently.

Better and faster processes thanks to our algorithms trained to help the realization of comparable company searches. As a result, we propose benchmarks that meet the highest industry standards while reducing costs.
We also provide detailed documentation on our search processes and comparable selection, including screenshots for all accepted and rejected companies.

Our comparable company searches are performed in France by our transfer pricing experts.

Our algorithms extract the relevant information from companies’ websites, analyze it and synthesize it to help our teams during the manual review process. 

For more information, do not hesitate to see our tool section or to get in touch.

It depends!

If the functional profile of the tested party is simple or has already been determined, the functional analysis will be limited. Otherwise the functional analysis will be performed by one of our experts.

In certain geographies, it is necessary to perform adjustments to comply with local tax authorities’ guidelines.

In other cases, adjustments are optional. They however improve the precision and relevance of the economic analyses. Adjusting for the change in market conditions due to the Covid-19 crisis is one of the examples. Do not hesitate to visit the dedicated section of our website.

We are using databases most commonly used by tax authorities such as Bureau Van Dijk databases (Orbis, Amadeus, etc.) in Europe, or SEC data in the US.

Do not hesitate to contact us: It will be our pleasure to help you.

Request a benchmark

If you contact us for benchmarking services, please do not hesitate to send us any relevant information on the tested transaction and tested party (geography, industry, functions, etc.)