Our AI-tool for TNMM BenchmarkS for Transfer Pricing Professionals

Boost Your Benchmarking Capabilities with our AI tool


Bring the AI revolution to your Transfer Pricing benchmarks

Elevate the quality of your transfer pricing benchmarks

Be more effective in making TNMM comparables searches

Enhance your value proposition delivered to your clients


Enhance the strength of your TNMM/CPM benchmarks

Leverage the best data source with our AI-driven tool that provides effective and comprehensive access to the information displayed on the companies website.

Find the best comparable companies using our ranking algorithm and the eased review. Our tool simplifies the pool expansion of reviewed companies, which in turn yields a selection of more numerous and/or better-suited companies.

Mitigate the risks of human errors and inconsistencies

Give to your senior staff the tool to thoroughly review the work completed

Get faster results thanks to AI

Within a few minutes, you have a good understanding on the comparable companies within the rejection matrix. Don’t linger in a dead end for days.

Signficantly boost the number of comparables reviewed per hour, while increasing the quality.

Enhance your value proposition for your clients

Enhance your value proposition by providing screenshots of the companies’ websites, making the benchmark more robust for future tax audits.

Focus on providing strategic Transfer Pricing advice and managing your clients’ needs more effectively.

Free up valuable time and resources by increasing your team productivity while doing benchmarks.


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Getting Started

  • Schedule a discussion with our team to discover in more details the benefits of our AI-powered solution.
  • The tool is engineered for seamless integration.
  • Our pricing structure is competitive and enables TP practionners from all size to optimize their operations with our tool.


Is your tool just an add-in to ChatGPT?

Absolutely not!

TP qube has been developing AI tools for transfer pricing benchmarks since 2018, predating the release of ChatGPT.

Our refined process and advanced algorithms ensure that our AI tool is optimally tailored for the specific analysis required in TNMM searches.

Does the human still need to be in the loop?

Yes, the decision to select a comparable company remains a human one. TNMM benchmarks remain a subjective analysis, achievable only by human judgment. Nevertheless, we are convinced that AI can significantly simplify the work of TP practitioners.

How do our algorithms work?
Our algorithms extract the relevant information from companies’ websites, analyze it and synthesize it to help during the manual review process.

Our algorithms have been developed by artificial intelligence expert and are, according to our knowledge, unrivalled for transfer pricing analysis.

What level of productivity increase can I expect?

It depends on your initial processes and standards.

Following ours, we’ve managed to quadruple our productivity across the entire analysis.

Since the first minutes of the trial you will make your own opinion. Keep in mind, that it may takes a few benchmarks to fully leverage our tool, including trusting its results while also understanding its limitations.

Any other question?

Do not hesitate to contact us: info@tpqube.com. It will be our pleasure to help you.

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