Simplify Your Transfer Pricing Benchmarks Thanks To Our Tools

How do our tools work?

Our tools simplify transfer pricing benchmarks.

Our IA collects and synthesizes available information on the websites of potentially comparable companies. Our IA simplifies the time-consuming task of manual review, but also improves significantly the quality of benchmarks.




Cost control

Our tools enable to quickly identify perfect comparable companies if they are available. Hence, the analyst can start his work having an appropriate view of the companies he will aim at finding during his review.

We retrieve the description directly from the companies’ websites. This information is much more reliable than information provided by other databases, since it is up to date and written by the company itself.

Reviewing companies by buckets of companies alike naturally leads to an homogenisation of the rejection reasons. Hence you reduce the probability of difficult questions raised by a tax authority.

Our tools spot clues, highlighting companies which may not be used for transfer pricing purposes (for e.g. for lack of independence or wrong website).
Once the search is performed, our tools identify the rejected companies that are the closest to the selected companies.

A copy of the websites’ texts and screenshots are sent to you and presented in case of a later tax audit.

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If you contact us for benchmarking services, please do not hesitate to send us any relevant information on the tested transaction and tested party (geography, industry, functions, etc.)