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Upgrading TP benchmarks using AI techniques

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Transforming transfer pricing comparable company searches by the use of AI techniques

Comparable company searches are at the core of most transfer pricing studies. The process to perform these studies has hardly evolved in years and is plagued by inefficiencies. As usually performed by practitioners, comparable company searches include a review of the websites of a large set of potentially comparable companies. This process is time-consuming and error-prone, as it largely depends on human work. This makes the entire process costly for MNEs, and poorly performed comparable company searches may even become liabilities for MNEs, as they may be easily challenged by tax authorities.

Our promise is that the use of artificial intelligence techniques can considerably ease the pain of performing comparable company searches and render them faster, more affordable and of higher quality. Our tools already allow us to decrease by more than 35% the analyst’s time spent on a benchmark. And we believe this is just the beginning.

    TP qube has developed a wide range of tools to assist transfer pricing analysts

    To be more efficient while reviewing companies and improving the quality and robustness of its benchmarks, TP qube has developed several tools based on natural language processing techniques.

    Our tools are not designed to replace the transfer pricing analyst, but rather to empower him. Our tools help the analyst at two stages of the process:

    1. Before the selection of comparable companies, by providing relevant information to the analyst, based on a company’s information available on the internet. Thanks to these tools, the reasons of rejections are more homogeneous and the risks of errors or omissions is significantly decreased.
    2. After an initial selection of comparable company, to challenge the analyst’s selection. Our tools review the entire rejection matrix and help the analyst to confirm her choices by highlighting the most peculiar selected companies and by proposing additional comparable companies.

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