Expert support and customized studies

In order to best answer all our client requests, we propose expert support on different topics, including :

  • Tax audit support – We advise our clients and step in during discussions with tax authorities
  • Operational support – We help our clients to implement our solutions and to link them with existing transfer pricing and financial systems

We also perform customized studies, leveraging on our combined expertise of statistical modeling and transfer pricing, to the benefit of institutional organizations, tax authorities and think-tanks

CLASSIC Benchmarks

Results available in 1-2 weeks

1 - Tested party data

Together with our client, we jointly assess the functional profile (roles and responsibilities) of the tested party

We liaise with our client in order to obtain relevant quantitative and qualitative information of the tested party

2 - Manual review

A dedicated expert in TP qube team performs the study relying on the most common practices used today

Potential comparable companies are reviewed one-by-one until a final set of comparable companies is selected. The selection is facilitated by our proprietary algorithms and processes

3 - Results computation

The results are computed. Comparable companies' financial ratios may be adjusted for different factors (size, geography, maturity, etc.) based on TP qube proprietary models

TP qube provides the search results in a preliminary report in pdf format

4 - Results presentation

The results are discussed during a meeting or call with TP qube team and the client

TP qube sends the final report. The report includes: a detailed rejection matrix, the precise description of each selected comparable company

Statistical Benchmarks

Results available in 2-3 business days

1 - Tested party data

The user sends to TP qube relevant information on the company to be tested

The functional profile of the company is discussed during a call

2 - Proprietary algorithm

Using the characteristics of the tested party, the proprietary TP qube algorithm computes an estimation of the arm’s length profitability

The model is based on financial data of thousands of independent companies

3 - Algorithm results

TP qube provides the results of the model in a report in pdf format

The algorithm details are saved on our servers and can be shared with tax authorities at any time

4 - Results assessment

TP qube provides an estimation of the reliability of the results, depending on the characteristics of the tested party compared to the full sample of independent companies

The results are discussed during a meeting or call with TP qube team and the client

Expert support and customized studies

Functional analysis

We assist our clients by identifying their transfer pricing needs and performing in-depth functional analyses

We then help our clients implementing the most appropriate transfer pricing system

Tax audit support

We provide tax audit support regarding transfer pricing economic analyses

We provide assistance in answering to tax authorities or performing complementary analyses in short amounts of time

Statistical analysis

Leveraging from our tools and knowledge, we can help public bodies in making the best public policy choices


Our tools in data mining and semantic analysis can also upgrade your in-house benchmark by lowering your database costs, accessing more relevant information, improving your process and increasing your efficiency and accuracy